TLC Student Council!

We will be entering our fourth year of the TLC Student Council! This group is reserved for any and all TLC students who are in the third grade and up. We have had representatives from all six of our TLC schools in our Student Council! This group is run and organized by and for our students. We have a Student Council advisor who oversees the group, but the students have elected official officers who plan, organize, and facilitate all of our Student Council meetings and activitites!

Some of the accomplishments of the TLC Student Council over the last several years has been designing both of our TLC t-shirt designs, planning and hosting all of our TLC holiday events, organizing serveral TLC "Spirit Weeks" to boast team morale, and participating in many fundraisers that have benefited such organizations as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Knox County Humane Society.

The Student Council meets every other week, after school, either through skype or our school's video conferencing units! The group works together to plan activities, events, and fundraisers for the rest of the TLC group! 

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