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Second Trimester Books Groups!

We recently wrapped up our second trimester book groups, which is always bittersweet since we all look forward to our weekly book group meetings!

We had six book groups this trimester and all of the book we read were tied into our social studies unit which focused on Native Americans. 

Here students from Monhegan, Cliff, Ashley Bryan School on Islesford, read with a teacher on Cliff Island. I think our students really benefit from working with other teachers and, of course, students!


A couple of weeks ago my middle school book group presented their final projects after reading the book "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian" (a book I HIGHLY recommend by the way!) 


Here is another great final project from my book group.

We already can't wait for trimester three book groups to start up again!



Virtual Field Trip with the Smithsonian American Art Museum

In late February our TLC was lucky enough to participate in a virtual field trip with the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C.

The TLC had just begun their social studies unit on Native Americans, so it was perfect timing for one of the volunteers at the museum to give a presentation on the Native American art that is showcased in their museum.

It was a really nice kick-off to our unit and such a cool opportunity for students to talk to an expert in this field.

Our TLC students had wonderful questions and offered a lot of great discussion to the presentation. It is cool to think that because of the technology and collaboration we have in our schools we were able to meet with someone a couple thousand miles away to participate in such a unique presentation. 

Thank you to the Smithsonian for working with our little island schools! 


Lovey-Dovey Valentine's Celebration

We had an extremely LOVE-DOVEY TLC Valentine's Celebration via zoom to share how much we all LOVE one another in the TLC. 


During our virtual party we played "Hunny, I love you but I just can't smile..." and had a lovey-dovey dance party. We also shared our TLC virtual valentines...

Each school sent a "virtual valentine" to the TLC... here is the Ashely Bryan School showing their adoration for the TLC!

And the we all know that the Cliff Island School is just WILD about the TLC!

The Frenchboro School makes my teeth hurt because their TLC Valentine is just SO sweet! 

The Isle au Haut was sending warm vibes from the cold snow to the TLC!

The Monhegan School's heart obviously belongs to the TLC!

And of course Millie had to profess her love to the TLC as well.

I gave the ultimate gift to the TLC this Valentine's Day by tattooing my love....juuuust kidding. But I do love the TLC like NO OTHER!

Take a peak at our virtual Valentine's Video:

Love and kisses to you and yours from the TLC!


Creative Writing Share-Out

Another collaboration our TLC participated in science this winter was a creative writing project. All of our students worked independently on a short creative writing piece that was written from the perspective of a sea creature they were interested in.

Students were asked to include factual information in their creative pieces that included information about their creature's diet, habitat, mating and production process, along with physical traits of the creature, how their traits can be influenced by their environment, and how the variation of their traits can help them survive in the wild and find mates.

Once students completed their stories they had an opportunity to meet with their TLC peers virtually to share their final pieces and learn a little bit about each other's creatures. 

Here our middle TLCers meet to read each others stories and then identify similarities and differences they noticed when comparing their creatures.

One student on Islesford wrote her story from the perspective of a humpback whale because just recently a humpback washed up onto the shore of her island. Talk about some place-based learning!

This little guy from Cliff Island wrote a SUPER exciting story about a black swallower! Did you know black swallowers can swallow prey up to ten times their mass?! Holy moly!


In this writing group students shared stories from the perspective of walruses, seals, lobsters, angler fish and even a MEGLADON!

Lot of students also had pictures to go along with their stories. This second grader is showing off his drawing of an eel. 

This pre-schooler didn't have a story about any marine creatures but he told me everything he knew about dinosaurs, and boy, did he know A LOT!

All of our students became quite the experts on their marine creatures and it was wonderful to give them the opportunity to share their stories with their interested TLC classmates!


Science Riddle Exchange

This winter in science our students wrapped up their study of island biology and ecology by participating in a "snail-mail" riddle exchange. 

 Each TLC student had to either photograph or draw a creature that is found on or in the waters that surround their island and then seal the drawing or photo up in an evelope and write a short riddle describing the creature on the exterior of the envelope. 

The riddles focused on their creature's habitat and a specific adaptation it has that helps it survive and thrive in it's enviornment. Students sent their cards to a secret parter on one of the other TLC schools. 

When student received their postcards they worked to try and solve the riddle on their own and used help from their peers and other means of research to try and identify the mystery island creature.

The riddles were pretty tricky!

But once students had their best educated guess they were able to open their envelopes and see what the actual mystery creature was!

The riddle exchange added up being both educational AND fun. Who doesn't love a good riddle?

Here's a riddle for you...

What is bright and and fun and the best school collaboration around!?

You guessed it, the TLC!



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