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TLC Spirit Week - Grown-Up Day!

Our theme for day three of TLC Spirit Week was "Grown-Up Day!" Everyone was encouraged to either dress-up as their favorite grown-up and/or dress-up as what they want to be when they grown up. Adorable, I know.


I was lucky enough to be on Cliff Island for grown-up day and I got a ticket on my way to school from this, very grown-up, police officer who was patroling the grounds outside of the school.

Inside the Cliff Island school I found this grown-up park ranger who was tending to the wildlife!

And there was even a grown-up baby in a wig and a sock monkey jumpsuit!

During our virtual share time we saw a lot of students dressed up as their favorite grown-ups There were lots of lovely grown-up moms among the crowd!

This was my favorite mom outfit! She looks just like her super-star mommy!

And the dads were represented well too!

This student was dressed up like her lobsterman dad!

We had a vet and a cowgirl on Frenchboro. What fun grownups.

Our teachers dressed up like what they wanted to be when they grow up! The teachers at the Ashley Bryan School want to both be mad scientists!

The teacher on Isle au Haut was dressed up like a writer!

Here is the whole crew on Cliff Island at the end of Grown-Up Day! We look pretty awesome for a bunch of boring adults!


TLC Spirt Week - Twin Day!

We were seeing DOUBLE and TRIPLE on our second day of TLC Spirit Week! The theme was twin day and it was hard to tell who was who on all the islands!

All I see here are two Groucho Marx impersonators! Who are these mystery men on Isle au Haut!?

Lots of TLCers were twins with other who were on other islands. The teacher on Isle au Haut was twins with one of the 8th graders on Islesford! 

This Cliff Island student got REAL creative and was a twin with her stuffed animal!

These sisters could really pull off being twins! It looks like this 3rd grader has a little mini-me!

We even had baby twins, our youngest TLCers on Cliff and Monhegan were dressed up like each other.

And on Frenchboro the ENTIRE school dressed up like one another... pigtails and all!

Day two, got TLC spirit?!! CHECK!


TLC Spirit Week - Backwards/Opposite Day!

We had our fourth annual TLC spirit week last week and BOY was it a blast. The student council worked to organized the week and they voted on five, very different and very fun, theme days for us to use to celebrate our spirit in the TLC. The first theme day of the week was backwards/opposite day. 

 I took backwards/opposite day as just where everything goofy and bright I own. Also I had to look not-at-all-excited on opposite day, since I was the VERY opposite of NOT EXCITED that spirit week had finally began! 

We meet in the morning via zoom to show off our backwards/opposite outfits. We took the theme very seriously... we greeted one another with "good-byes" at the beginning of our share time and we "boo-ed" everyones outfits instead of cheered (the kids LOVED that!)

We had backwards shirts and hair... even worn by our teachers.


We had backwards pants! And some kids even admitted to backwards underpants (although we took their word on that!)

There were lots of opposite socks and mismatched colors as well. Really everyone just looked ridiculously wonderful!

We did a final round of boos by saying our final "hellos!" It was a fun first spirit day!


Final Projects for Native American Unit!

Our students and teachers have been working hard this trimester in Social Studies to learn as much as they can about the Wabanaki tribes, right here in our gorgeous state of Maine.

Each of the TLC schools took on the job of becoming an expert on one of the four Wabanaki tribes and then created a video to teach their TLC classmates what they learned about their tribe. Students focused on presenting information about their tribes geography in the state, as well as their food, clothing, and shelter.

The Monhegan School became experts on the Maliseet Tribe! They even made a life-sized wigwam replica which they filmed their presentation in. You do not want to miss it!

The Frenchboro School learned all about the Passamaquoddy Indians and give their presentation from a life-sized birch bark canoe!

The Ashley Bryan School taught us about food, clothing, AND shelter of the Penobscot tribe. Each student explains their presentations... so much work!

And here the Cliff Island school explains how the Passamaquoddy tribe made maple sugar! There are some major pyrotechnics in this presentation, so be prepared!

You can't help but be impressed with these students from their in-depth presentations and all the knowledge they shared with one another. Another fabulous round of TLC projects for the achieves! 


Lauren Jacobs and Winter Challenges!

 It has been a pretty long and cold winter so we are more thankful than EVER to have had Miss Lauren Jacobs from Healthy Hometowns do virtual morning exercises with us!

Every Tuesday since the beginning of the year Lauren leads our TLC schools in about 15 minutes of morning exercises. We jump, we lunge, we march, we punch, and we stretch (and we laugh a lot too!)

On Tuesdays I take Miss Lauren's lead and do follow-up exercises with the group. It may be only twice a week for 15 minutes but for these small schools, it is a great way to get some physical education into the school day and p.s. it is QUITE the workout!

This winter Lauren's intern, Bruce, has joined the exercise party! When Bruce leads morning exercises we call it TLC BOOT CAMP! The sweat really comes out when it is book camp time!

Lauren and Bruce have also been leading us through some healthy (literally and figuratively) challenges this winter that have included a "healthy snacks challenge", an "outdoor activity challenge," and just last week we finished up a "less scree time, more play time challenge."

Needless to say we have been on healthy TLC this winter, thanks to the one and only Lauren Jacobs!

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