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2015 Spring Field Trip - DAY 4!

Our last day.... BOO! It is always so bitter-sweet to come to our final day of the trip! I am always on such a high from being together for so long and then feel so sad that soon it will be time to head back to our separate islands. Can't someone PLEASE just make an island for all of the TLC to live on or at least buy us a big TLC yacht that we can visit one another on more!? Is that really too much to ask!?

Anywho, our last day started with a final morning meeting. We went around and shared the highlights of our trip. A lot of the kids talked about their favorite parts being the time at the State House or all the games of freeze tag but I think the most popular answer was, "I loved being with all my friends." I think we could go visit a landfill with the TLC and still have a good time, because we would all be together!

We headed together to one last program, this time at Old Fort Western located in Augusta.

The older students participated in program called "How We Know" which had them exploring historical documents and artifacts to interpret Maine history.

They got to participate in an archaeological "dig-in-miniature" in order to analyze artifact assemblages and use them in conjunction with other material objects to learn about relative dating! Pretty cool stuff!

The younger and middles participated in a program called "Daily Life in 18th Century" where they learned about food preparation...

and the importance of wood working and cutting!

They were WAY into the old-school wood cutting!

I am telling you, WAY into it!

They also got to weave and spin wool!

It was a fun morning at Old Fort Western but a sad time when it was over because it was time for everyone to pile into their separate cars and head back on their separate boats to their own islands. Breaks my heart every time, but I know that hard goodbyes means that a really great time had come before!

And so what do I take away from yet another EPIC field trip??? I take away ALL of our TLC LOVE.

This group of students, teachers, and parents has once again amazed, inspired, and energized me. The love and support of the TLC community is palpable and stronger than ever.  We are not five islands who just come together every now and then to go on a trip and then go our separate ways. We are ONE community that continuously works to support, love, and better each other.

I had parents give thanks to the TLC with tears in their eyes for the experiences and friendships their children benefited from this year. I watched teachers support each other as colleagues and friends as only island teachers could possibly do. And I saw tearful and sweet goodbyes filled with hugs and even little kisses from students who were going to miss their friends, new and old.

Thank you TLC. YOU are the HEART of this project. Thank you for another fantastic trip of memories and giggles and pride and learning. Thank you for your patience, engagement, positivity, teamwork, flexibility, kindness, openness, and love. Let's ride out the high of all the TLC love for as long as we can! Bring it back to your islands and spread it all around... I will do the same.

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