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2015 Spring Field Trip - DAY 3: Evening FUN!

Everyone was pretty beat when we got back to camp after our day at the State House. We had planned on doing a big reflection activity and a makers club project all before dinner, but instead we just let everyone have a little free time together, and it was lovely.

There was some playing in the dirt.

And some drawing...


And some good time just relaxing together! It was so nice to be at a camp where we had the space and time to just be together as a group and really bond with one another. The TLC is really good at bonding... I would say we are EXPERT bonders!

Speaking of bonding experiences, we had a very special plan in store for our last evening together at camp. We had a big, huge, DELICIOUS spaghetti dinner before it was time for our "TLC Awards Ceremony!" I had this crazy idea that on the last night of our trip we should give out awards to each and every one of our TLC students to let them know how special they are in! The CRAZY part was that I thought that I was going to have time to make all of these awards... of course, I didn't! But that is when our AMAZING student council leaders come in! The three sweet girls who have led our student council for the year spent a good two houra creating hand-designed awards for each and every student in the TLC! The girls emceed the ceremony and passed out the awards, specifying why each student made the TLC special.

They made awards for "best laugh" and "best hugs" and "best jump-roper!" All of the awards were so sweet and personalized and the kids had the BIGGEST smiles on their faces when they went up to accept their awards!

They even gave awards out to whole families in the TLC... this teacher/student family from Cliff received the "fastest family award!"

It was another one of those moments I just couldn't help but BEAM with pride for these students and their kindness, love, and compassion for one another. The community that we have built for these kids is PRICELESS. Where else is a student who only had two other kids in her school going to get an award and huge round of applause from a group of 50 kids for having the "BEST Pigtails!?" 

Not only did our student council leaders recognize all of the TLC students, they said a little something special about all of the TLC teachers as well. MY GOODNESS, THEY ARE SO SWEET! When Miss Audrey was called up to be recognized by the group, she couldn't help but feed-off the positive energy in the room and bust out ALL of her best moves! 


The award ceremony ended with and impromptu, totally spontaneous group hug.Obviously the love in the room was palpable that evening! We just didn't want our time together to end... 

And thankfully it didn't have to end quite yet! We had one more celebration in store...  


The youngers got to make their smores first and boy, were they excited!

What do you think is sweeter this face or that smore!?


When it was the olders turn, they were just as excited to take selfies as they were to make smores. How CUTE are these kids!?

And how weird is that TLC coordinator!?

We sat around the fire until dusk... laughing and singing and loving each other. 

It was an epic day. 

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