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2015 Spring Field Trip - DAY 1!

It was the day we had all been waiting for! Our first day of our spring TLC field trip was finally HERE! Everyone met at Camp Mechuwana in Winthrop, Maine on a grey Monday afternoon. This is where we would be staying for THREE days and nights as one, big, happy TLC!


We didn't waste ANY time having fun and diving into engaging programming. Our older students started the afternoon working with Scot Cannon, a super talented mime and musician who lives in Belfast. He got the kids moving and laughing with his hands-on activities.

Our youngers worked with Miss Anita from Project Learning Tree learning about tree rings and how trees in Maine grow. This tied in perfectly with the ecology unit we have been studying as a TLC this year in science.

After about an hour of programs, it was time to switch and the youngers went to go sing and work on their mime skills with Scot. Too bad they didn't look like they are having ANY fun at all!

The olders worked with Ms. Anita making their own tree rings to represent their own lives. Miss Audrey said that she was concerned about fitting ALL the rings on her tree cookie!

After making their own "tree cookies" the students participated in an activity called, "Every Tree for Itself." In this activity, students role played as trees and gathered plastic chips to represent sun, water, and nutrients that trees need to survive.

Some of the trees didn't survive and were turned into firewood. We are unsure why Ms. Lauren looks so pleased by the fact that she was chopped down from her place in the forest!

After our programs it was time to refuel with a delicious pizza dinner made by the FABULOUS staff at Camp Mechuwana! If you every need a great place to stay with a group in the central Maine area... you have GOT to check out this camp! 

The pizza and salad was delicious and the kids seemed ready for our evening activities!

We had an hour of art activities after dinner to create original island student masterpieces that we will be auctioning off during our TLC summer fundraising events this summer! Stay tuned for more information on that front!

After lots of art creating it was time for our KARAOKE/DANCE PARTY!!!  

And what would a party be without the epic TLC dress-up bag!?

Dressing up is a favorite pastime of the TLC! I like that our kids feel comfortable enough to get downright silly with their TLC pals. 

Everyone got a chance to sing karaoke that evening... I think Taylor Swift was the most popular artist of the night to sing along to.

Even though these little ones did bust-out some sweet Michael Jackson tunes that I was quite impressed with!

I am pretty sure we ended the night with a group sing-a-long to Frozen's "Let it Go!" It was a pretty awesome way to end our first night together. 

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