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Race to GROW!

Our final collaboration in science for this year was our "Race to Grow" competition that our TLC teachers thought up this spring (those teachers have the BEST ideas!)! Students had been studying ecology and plant growth all year so it was time for them to take what they learned and participate in a little healthy competition with their TLC classmates.

In early April our TLC schools received these VERY official looking letters from "the President of the Bureau of Horticulture and Seed Growth Research" along with some mystery seeds for them to plant and take care of at their schools. Their mission was to try and grow the tallest plant by choosing different variables that might effect their plants growth. They were able to determine what kind of soil to plant it in, how much sunlight it got, and when and how much to water it. They could even go as far as decide to use heat lamps or bring their plants outside for part of the day or even sing little lullabies to their plants to help them grow! Each week students measured the growth of their plant and wrote down any changes they observed on a shared google spread sheet.

Although the TLC students caught on pretty fast that I was the one sending the "official letters" (they know my handwriting too well!), they took the competition very seriously.

Their mystery plants grew and grew and grew! 

Each week we watched everyone's measurements increase and our little plant-loving scientists tried new tactics to get their plants to grow.

Fierce competition faces!

The final week of the growing competition was the week before our TLC spring field trip. Students submitted their final measurements to our google sheet and I tallied the final scores!

At the field trip we gave out our official "Race to Grow" Awards (complete with lots of sparkles and glitter!) to our top plant growers! This super-cute-green-thumb from Cliff Island won the competition with the tallest plant at 14.5 inches! Holy-grow-a-lot!


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