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Cutest Little Book Group! 

We started up our final round of book groups for the school year in April and this time around our youngest TLCers got to have a book group of their own!

Miss Heidi on Cliff has been leading the pre-schoolers from Monhegan, Isle au Haut, Frenchboro, and Cliff in a weekly book group where they read picture books, sing, dance, draw, and work and play with one another virtually!

The pre-school group have been reading books that have to do with plants and growing which is a perfect theme for spring. Miss Heidi shares an e-book with the students on her screen so everyone can follow along to the story! Don't you just LOVE technology!?

After the story the students get the chance to draw something that relates to the book. During this lesson students drew a picture of what they would want to plant in their garden! There were pictures of kale, carrots, and strawberries! Each student took turns sharing their picture with their TLC classmates!

It is pretty impressive that these four-year olds can work together using this technology! For some of them, it is the only time at their schools that they get to work with other pre-schoolers and work on skills like taking turns, sharing and talking with other children their own age.

Well done TLC pre-K! Book groups never looked so darn CUTE!

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