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First Annual Virtual Swap!

Our amazing student council has been chalk FULL of new, fabulous ideas for the TLC this year. 

The newest idea they put into action was our first annual "Virtual Student Swap!" The plan was to pair up students with a classmate from another island to give them a chance to virtually show off their school and give a glimpse of what a normal day was like on another island. It was a great activity to do in the dead of March when everyone could use a little extra social time. 

Our student council leaders paired up students with a TLC classmate on another island and brainstormed a list of questions for the pairs to ask one another about their schools and lives!

One of the questions was, "Will you show me something cool you have in your desk?" It was so cute to see what they all wanted to show one another.

Some of the other questions were, "What is your favorite part about school and why?" "What would you want to change about your school and why?" What are your favorite books to read..." The discussions went on and on...

Once everyone got through their list of questions the kids were allowed to ask questions of their own. They talked about everything from favorite sports, to pets, to what they like to do in the summer time.

The 8th grade student council leaders helped to facilitate the swap by visiting each of the groups to make sure the conversation was flowing and the technology was working.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful student leaders in the TLC this year!

Some of the students gave a bit of a virtual tour of their school to their partners.

I loved watching them all show off their school. This fourth grader read her entire daily schedule to her partner. She was so proud.

The swap was totally ADORABLE and AWESOME and all those other FEEL-GOOD adjectives you can think of! Big round of applause to Student Council for coming up with this idea and making it HAPPEN!

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