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Spirit Week - Zombie/Pirate/Ninja Day!

Day number four was the spookiest of TLC spirit week... it was Zombie/Pirate/Ninja Day! Everyone could dress up as one or all THREE of the themes for that day!

Captain Hook's Grandma was teaching on Isle au Haut during our virtual share time!

Isle au Haut also had a pleasent looking pirate and cute looking ninja!

I was still on Cliff Island during share time so I got to see many real-life ninja and pirates in the flesh!

This ninja and pirate duo on Great Cranberry appeared to be having a jolly time together. It is good to know that ninja and pirates can be friends.

Eeeek! A real-life zombie on Monhegan!

And look at these super cute zombies!

A pair of sweet pirates on Frenchboro with matching smiles!

This pirate on Islesford even had a name tag, "Dixie Bull," who was the FIRST female pirate to sail the seven seas. See, even Spirit Week can be a learning opportunity!

Female pirates ROCK!

And once again... the entire zombie/pirate/ninja crew on Cliff! What a scary looking, spirit-filled bunch!

Oh Spirit Week, you are so much fun! Mwahahahahaha!

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