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Lauren Jacobs and Winter Challenges!

 It has been a pretty long and cold winter so we are more thankful than EVER to have had Miss Lauren Jacobs from Healthy Hometowns do virtual morning exercises with us!

Every Tuesday since the beginning of the year Lauren leads our TLC schools in about 15 minutes of morning exercises. We jump, we lunge, we march, we punch, and we stretch (and we laugh a lot too!)

On Tuesdays I take Miss Lauren's lead and do follow-up exercises with the group. It may be only twice a week for 15 minutes but for these small schools, it is a great way to get some physical education into the school day and p.s. it is QUITE the workout!

This winter Lauren's intern, Bruce, has joined the exercise party! When Bruce leads morning exercises we call it TLC BOOT CAMP! The sweat really comes out when it is book camp time!

Lauren and Bruce have also been leading us through some healthy (literally and figuratively) challenges this winter that have included a "healthy snacks challenge", an "outdoor activity challenge," and just last week we finished up a "less scree time, more play time challenge."

Needless to say we have been on healthy TLC this winter, thanks to the one and only Lauren Jacobs!

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