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Student Council Planning and Service Project!

Every year I am always blown away by the commitment and energy of our TLC student council and this year is no different! 

First of all, I think our student council is probably one of the only student councils in the state (or maybe even nation?!) that has students in grades 3rd - 8th. Most student councils only invite middle school students to participate, but not the TLC. Our 3rd-5th graders are just as committed, passionate, and valuable as our middle schoolers!


ALSO, I would put money on the fact that we are probably one of the ONLY student commitment councils in the nation that meet online. What is so cool about our virtual meetings is that our students can (and often do) connect from anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes are students are home sick or off island but that does not mean they can't connect to our meetings. Just last week we had our student council president join our virtual meeting from her phone while she was walking to her after school baby-sitting job. Now that is commitment!

 This year our student council has been extra interested in developing ways in which we can not only better the TLC but better the world outside the TLC. During one of our early winter meetings we brainstormed different service projects we could do as a student council to make a difference for people who might not be quite as fortunate as most of us in the TLC. 

                       The result of that brainstorm was our first EVER virtual service learning project. 

Students met during their scheduled student council meeting time in late January and created cards for the organization Cards for Hospitalized Kids, which helps to send homemade cards to kids in hospitals and Ronald McDonald across the nation.

We all sat with one another virtually and worked on our cards together. It was sweet to watch the kids share ideas of what their were going to draw and write on their cards. 

By the end of the half an hour we have almost two dozen cards that we created as a group that could be sent to children who might need a little extra cheer.

Teachers sent me the finished cards and they are filled with love, creativity and encouragement. Thank you TLC students for coming up with this wonderful project and really giving it your all.

Here's to many more TLC service projects to come!


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