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Science Riddle Exchange

This winter in science our students wrapped up their study of island biology and ecology by participating in a "snail-mail" riddle exchange. 

 Each TLC student had to either photograph or draw a creature that is found on or in the waters that surround their island and then seal the drawing or photo up in an evelope and write a short riddle describing the creature on the exterior of the envelope. 

The riddles focused on their creature's habitat and a specific adaptation it has that helps it survive and thrive in it's enviornment. Students sent their cards to a secret parter on one of the other TLC schools. 

When student received their postcards they worked to try and solve the riddle on their own and used help from their peers and other means of research to try and identify the mystery island creature.

The riddles were pretty tricky!

But once students had their best educated guess they were able to open their envelopes and see what the actual mystery creature was!

The riddle exchange added up being both educational AND fun. Who doesn't love a good riddle?

Here's a riddle for you...

What is bright and and fun and the best school collaboration around!?

You guessed it, the TLC!



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