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Creative Writing Share-Out

Another collaboration our TLC participated in science this winter was a creative writing project. All of our students worked independently on a short creative writing piece that was written from the perspective of a sea creature they were interested in.

Students were asked to include factual information in their creative pieces that included information about their creature's diet, habitat, mating and production process, along with physical traits of the creature, how their traits can be influenced by their environment, and how the variation of their traits can help them survive in the wild and find mates.

Once students completed their stories they had an opportunity to meet with their TLC peers virtually to share their final pieces and learn a little bit about each other's creatures. 

Here our middle TLCers meet to read each others stories and then identify similarities and differences they noticed when comparing their creatures.

One student on Islesford wrote her story from the perspective of a humpback whale because just recently a humpback washed up onto the shore of her island. Talk about some place-based learning!

This little guy from Cliff Island wrote a SUPER exciting story about a black swallower! Did you know black swallowers can swallow prey up to ten times their mass?! Holy moly!


In this writing group students shared stories from the perspective of walruses, seals, lobsters, angler fish and even a MEGLADON!

Lot of students also had pictures to go along with their stories. This second grader is showing off his drawing of an eel. 

This pre-schooler didn't have a story about any marine creatures but he told me everything he knew about dinosaurs, and boy, did he know A LOT!

All of our students became quite the experts on their marine creatures and it was wonderful to give them the opportunity to share their stories with their interested TLC classmates!

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