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Welcome Back TLC!

Oh thank GOODNESS! We are BACK! It was a long and lonely summer for this TLC coordinator, so I was VERY glad when September hit and our TLC schools were back up and running for another AWESOME year.

This school year marks the FIFTH year of the TLC project! WOAH BABY! Happy Birthday TLC! What a reason to celebrate...

This year was also the first time in TLC history that all of our island schools started on the same day, so we had a virtual KICK-OFF to the year where all our TLC students got to see eachother on the very first day of school! All of the TLC got to introduce themselves to one another via zoom and our new island students and teachers got a chance to hear a bit about what to expect from the TLC this coming year. It was so wonderful to see everyone's smiling and silly faces again after a long summer apart.

We have new students on Isle au Haut, Frenchboro, Monhegan, and at the Ashley Bryan School and we are also super excited to welcome a new teacher on Monhegan and a new teacher on Frenchboro. There is no doubt that it is going to be another great year for the TLC and we are all just excited to get started. Our first big event we are looking forward to... INTER-ISLAND EVENT on GREAT CRANBERRY! So stayed tuned!


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