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QUEBEC TRIP!!! Quatre jours!

It was hard to believe that it was our last full day in Quebec already. We woke up on day four to bright and sunny blue skies and we were ready to make the most of our day!

We were all decked out in our TLC shirts and headed to Canyon Sainte-Anne’s gorge! What a perfect day for another outside adventure.

This was such a fun "family" attraction with great trails and really cool animals statues around the canyon.

Look at all the TLC pups!

The waters in the canyon were roaring!

There were three suspension bridges for us to cross while exploring the canyon, one being the highest pedestrian bridge in Quebec!

 The Saint Anne falls are 74m high and pass between narrow 1.2 billion-year-old cliffs. 

There was a refreshing mist spraying us on some of the look out decks! It felt great on such a warm day.

Here are two brave guys on the highest of the suspension bridges!

The last bridge was the wobbliest, which made some of our TLCers a bit nervous, but if there is one thing our TLCers are known for, it is their bravery!

We walked up and down and all around the bridges and trails exploring, taking pictures, and just enjoying the sites.

As we made our way back up from the bottom of the canyon we got to see the rushing water and the little rainbows that were in the midst. What a perfect way to spend the morning!

We headed back into the city for one last delicious lunch! This was my favorite meal of all because we went to an authentic creperey! 

Those look like a whole bunch of happy TLCers.

And just an FYI, dessert crepes are the best!

After lunch we went to the Musée de la civilisation for an afternoon of culture, art, and history. We couldn't take pictures inside but the museum was FULL of amazing exhibits we were able to explore, including "Masters of Olympus. Treasures of Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin,"Haiti, In Extremis," and "People of Quebec, Here and Now."

We got to head back to the hotel for a quick rest before heading to dinner at an authentic Sugar Shack. We had a little time to kill before dinner so we played some group games in the parking lot. Like I said before, we like to take advantage of every moment we have together as a group!

We got to tour of the sugar shack before dinner which was very fun.The kids were SO excited when they found out that not only would there be containers of maple syrup on every table at dinner, but that they would get to make their own maple sugar candy pops for dessert!

When it was time to go inside to eat our group was greeted by a local musician who encouraged our students to accompany him with some percussion instruments!

Dinner was a traditional canadian "sugar-shack" meal served family style! We ate maple ham, meat pies, baked-beans, home-made bread, pickles, and more. It was delish and fun!

And the fun just continued! After dinner we were taught a traditional folk dance by the talented musician.

You KNOW how much TLCers like to dance!

After burning off all of those calories, it was time to eat some more. For our first round of dessert we got to eat pancakes and maple syrup... YES PLEASE!

For the second round of desserts? It was maple-sugar-candy time!


The maple syrup was poured on the snow and then we used popsicle sticks to roll up the cooled syrup!

We limited the group to two sticks each. Some wanted their two sticks at the same time. 

Everyone loved the sugar-shack, even the big-kids.

It was just too good for words.

And here we are... the whole lot of us. 50 island students, teachers, parents, and community members from SIX different islands in Quebec! They said it couldn't be done... but, WE DID IT! What an amazing last night of an amazing trip. This is one we won't soon forget.

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