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QUEBEC TRIP!!! Trois jours!

 Good thing we went to bed relatively early the night before, because we had A LOT more fun in store for day three in Quebec! We were up and out of our hotel early to head to Montmorency Falls, just outside of the city!


It was a little bit overcast and drizzly, but we brought our rain gear and were ready to make the most of it. We weren't sure what to expect, but once the kids saw the falls from down in the parking lot they were excited. Then when they found out they were going to be taken to the top via cable car they were BEYOND thrilled. 

Maybe some of them were a little scared, too!

Most were just in awe...

When we reached the top it was a little walk to the suspension bridge over the falls. We hung out at the observation platform for a bit until our who group was together (we were such a big group that it took TWO cable cars to get us to the top)!

Like I said before, a little overcast but I kind of liked the view even more because of the mist all around the city.

It was time to start walking towards the falls...and time to start taking some family photos! What a sweet/silly mother-daughter shot.

We made our way up and around to the suspension bridge. We could hear the rumbling of the falls as we approached. It felt very dramatic!

There were several "look-out" points to get good views of the rushing waters!

Some of the kids were getting more and more pumped as we got closer and closer to the falls.

Others got more and more nerved up! But we helped support everyone to get to the top!

We made it to the suspension bridge! Did I mention that the falls are 275 feet tall which are the highest in Quebec and they are 98 feet taller than Niagara Falls! Woah baby!

The view just got better and better the higher and higher we went!

Time for selfies on top of the bridge!

We spent some time at the falls just walking and exploring. There was a playground up there as well which made some folks very, very happy.

Before it was time to head back down in the cable car we took some group photos of the kids at the observatory deck!

Here they all are in their rock star poses.

The kids wanted to know why they always had to pose for photos and not the adults? So we got a turn in front of the camera. Look at all of our great chaperones!

On the way back down in the cable car we got one last view of the falls. What an awesome morning.

While we were already a little ways out of the city we took the opportunity to visit The Basilica of Sainte Anne de Beaupré which is set along the Saint Lawrence River.

The basilica is in honor of St. Anne who is believed by the catholic church to perform miracles and heal the sick and wounded. The basilica was first open for worship in 1876 so between the great beauty of the building itself and the history of the basilica, it was a really amazing place to visit.

The beauty continued inside the basilica as well. 

All of the kids were so quiet and respectful while they were inside. They seemed to be taking in their surroundings and it was nice to have some quiet time after all the excitement of the morning.

Our last big stop as a group for the day was to visit the Albert Gilles Cooper Museum where our group got to learn about the art of metal "repousee," also known as embossing.

Then they got the opportunity to create their own copper art.

They used real embossing tools and created a design on a piece of cooper that they got to then bring home with them.

Pretty cool souvenir, wouldn't you say?


 They were all pretty proud of their pieces of art work!


Dinner that night was back in the city at a very hip and happening restaurant! We loved all the zebra print.

That evening the youngers stayed back at the hotel for pool time while the olders went on an AMAZING ghost tour in the old city! 


As the sun went down, the ghosts of Quebec came out! What a historic, entertaining, and eventful evening! The actors who hosted us pulled all the kids into the stories and historic tales…

And as you can see, the kids were SO into it.

It was great for the olders to have an opportunity to do something special as a group and this night was one of the  highlights of the trip for many of them!

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