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End of School Year - Celebration!

Can you believe it is the end of the school year already!? We can't either! The TLC met virtually in early June to have one last celebration before schools started letting out for the summer. The TLC Student Council met to plan the final event and did a great job coming up with some fun ideas to make our last virtual time together fun and memorable!

They decided that instead of picking a theme for all of the TLC to dress-up as they would ask each school to come up with a mystery theme and then get the rest of the group to try and guess their theme. Of course, I wanted to get in on the action. Can anyone figure out my theme?

 Millie was dressed as my theme too! Did you figure it out... animal print and lots of hearts!? My theme was... LOVING ANIMALS! Yeah!

Here is Cliff's Island's mystery theme... yep, those are all big bumps on their bellies... but only one of them is a real baby bump! There theme was pregnant tummies in honor of their teacher, Miss Heidi, having a bun in the oven!

Isle au Haut's theme was a hard one to guess because it looked like they were all wearing their TLC shirts, but really their theme was "favorite colors!"

Matinicus's theme was very appropriate for this final celebration! Can you say "summer vacation" theme!?

You can see all the hands shooting up in the air to try and guess Monhegan School's theme which was "WINTER!"

And last, but not least, was the Ashley Bryan School's theme. It was a ROCKIN' good theme! There school's theme was "THE SIXTIES!"

After we had theme guessing we took the time to have everyone share what their favorite memory of the TLC was this year... and also one wish they had for the TLC in the future!

Some students drew pictures to show their wish for the TLC. This picture represents the wish that the TLC goes on forever! I second that wish!

We ended with a traditional TLC dance party before saying our final "happy summers!" and "see you real soon!"

Check out our 2013-2014 TLC slide show! It was quite a year! I am already SO excited for the fall!

Happy Summer TLC!


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