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Quebec Trip! Merci beaucoup!

On our final day in the city we had to wake up at the crack of dawn, load the bus, and begin the very long drive back home. Most of the bus ride is a blur to me now, we were all so tired after such a busy Quebec adventure! But I do remember feeling so very happy and full after such an incredible week. 

This trip would not have been possible if we didn't have such an amazing TLC team. Special thanks to all of our schools and island communities and also the Island Institute who help with the funding for this trip (no small feat!)

Thank you to our teachers who helped to plan and execute this trip so brilliantly and for answering my millons of emails regarding all things Quebec.

A HUGE thank you to CYR bus tours who made sure that this would be the best trip for our group and for hooking us up with such a WONDERFUL bus driver (We love you Steve!)

Thank you to all of our chaperones who were so flexible, attentive, and adventurous.

And most of all, thank you to our students, who were so engaged, polite, patient, adaptable, positive, adventurous, and energetic! I am SO glad we could make this trip happen for all of you! 

And one last photo from the trip...

Three little girls from three different islands on the last night of Quebec. I overheard them talking on the bus about how one of them isn't going to be in the TLC next year and they started brainstorming together... "Maybe you can move to my island and go to my school." "Maybe we could build one big TLC school and all go together there." "No matter what, let's be friends forever."

Yeah... that's the TLC, right there. We take go on field trips, we have book groups, and we try our best to teach and learn and work hard. But more than anything, we are a community.

Here's to one epic field trip and one flippin' amazing community!

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