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QUEBEC TRIP!!! Une journée!

Well, the time had come! We had been planning for months. We crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's and now it was time to load up 50 island students, teachers, and parents from our six TLC islands and send them on a bus to QUEBEC!

Our bus started in North East Harbor and come down the coast and across the state and back up to the border! Needless-to-say, it was quite the journey we were about to embark on, but we were jazzed up and ready to go!

Here are all the chaperones (at the front of the bus) after we crossed the border! It was a bit nerve-wracking but we all passed inspection with FLYING colors!

And here are the kids (at the back of the bus, of course!) They may have had just a bit more energy and excitement in their faces when we made our way into Canada! For most of these kids, this was their first time going to another country! Pretty awesome!

After we crossed the border the kids were glued to the windows. I knew I had struck gold as a "field trip coordinator" when the kids were saying things like "Look at the clouds and Canada!" and "Hey! Look over there! Canadian boats!" I had a feeling that no matter what we did on this trip they were going to be over-the-moon, excited! (P.S. I was ridiculously excited as well!) 

This guy was pretty pumped up about his Canadian money! Never have we been on a TLC field trip where we got to use different currency! Too cool for school!

After about 10 hours on the bus for some of these kids, we finally arrived in Quebec and went straight to our fancy restaurant for dinner! We were hungry little travelers and good thing to, because we had a delicious meal ahead of us!

Even after a looooooong journey, this kiddos were on their best behavior at the restaurant. They always make me very proud.

Pasta for everyone!

And dessert, we must have dessert!

I think the gang approved of our first yummy dinner of the trip. We got to our hotel late that night but everyone was still in high spirits. It was off to settle in and down for the evening to rest up for all our Quebec adventures ahead!

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