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QUEBEC TRIP!!! Deux jours!

 Our second day in Quebec was bound to be a busy one! We had a jam-packed agenda but the group did get a little extra down-time in the morning to enjoy the GORGEOUS Hotel Palace Royal!

Check out our POOL! The kids had been talking about this pool for months leading up to the trip. (You know what island kids love MOST about field trips? POOL TIME!) If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It is hard for island kids to really SWIM. They only get a couple of good months of swimming time and even still, swimming in the ocean is nothing like swimming for hours in a pool! Anywho, they were pumped for this pool, and for good reason. This pool was in the middle of our hotel and was covered with skylights to make you feel like you were in the tropics. We loved it!

Before pool time, it was breakfast time... Quebec style. Pinkies up for these middle schoolers. They were excited to order their "chocolat chaud" that morning!

And they all just seemed happy to wake up in another country!

They did a good job filling their tummies to prepare for our busy day!

After breakfast it was time to facetime this super cute Cliff Island teacher! We missed her and her little pupply a lot!

A quick dip in the hot tub and pool before starting our day out in the city!

By mid-morning we were back on the bus and heading to the Plains of Abraham for our first adventure of the day. All of the kids had their noses to the windows as we drove through the city. You could feel the excitement!

We arrived at the Plains of Abraham and made our way over to the Martello Tower where we got to participate in a "Soilder for a Day" workshop. We were greeted by two French Soliders who turned the times back to 1812. Our group was directed to line up in front of the tower before getting further instructions...

Our first mission... attack the TOWER! The group got to use bean bags to try and attack the two (VERY SMALL) look out holes in the tower. 

The group worked in teams and it was a perfect first activity to start our day off with a bit of FUN! Who doesn't love complete and utter chaos first thing in the morning!?

After a successful attack outside, we moved into the tower where the students got the opportunity to learn how to load guns in preparation for battle! I am not much of a weapon kind of gal, but this was a pretty cool process. Our students caught on quick!

Next it was time for a scavenger hunt around the tower for the kids to unscramble clues in both french and english that had to do with life during 1812!

Everyone worked in teams once more and seemed to have quite an good time. (These kids love competetion... especially against their island pals!)

A big TWO thumbs up for our time at the Martello Tower! What an awesome program they gave us. So informational but also SO FUN!

Being a solider in 1812 sure is hard work... makes you build up quite an appetite! Good thing we didn't have to eat like it was 1812... instead we got to eat out on the town on Grande Allée!

After a refreshing lunch we met up with our special tour guide who whisked us around the city to take in all the sites and learn a bit about the history of Quebec!

Part of the tour was on the bus but part of it was walking around. We lucked out with PERFECT weather to enjoy the city on foot (Thank you Mother Nature!!!)

We stopped for a photo op infront on a mural in honor of many of the great writers and historians of Quebec!

At the end of our tour we were dropped off at the  Observatoire de la Capitale where we went up 31 stories to get a 360 degree view from the highest point in the city! WOOOWEE!

We also got to continue learning about the history of Quebec through a multimedia presentation at the top of the observatory.

Although the presentations were great... it was really the view that blew us all away.

For a lot of these students, this was the first time they had ever seen a major city from this kind of view before. It was a lot to take in! Many of them were counting how many swimming pools they could see!

Not too shabby Quebec!

We ended our time at the Observatory a little early... so we made time for some games. Want to know the key to successful TLC field trips? Never give students the chance to get bored and take advantage of EVERY second together! I think we did VERY well on that front.


When we left the Observatory and were waiting for the bus we all looked back up at where we just had been!

Yeah, it was pretty high up there!

And this picture is just too cute not to post. Two new friends... these two were in the same book group together all year and now they are best buddies. I just love it!

Back on the bus and then over to Cafe de Paris for another yummy meal.

We were all hungry and a bit goofy after our busy day!

But we filled up on steak, chicken, veggies, and DESSERT!

Dessert may have been the most popular part of the meal... just saying. 

After filling our tummies we headed back to the hotel for pool and an early bed time!

We had done so much and it was only day TWO! Can't wait to see what day THREE had to offer!



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