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The final TLC day was, in my opinion, the BEST... because it was all about the TLC... and mustaches, because who doesn't love mustaches!?


For our TLC spirit day we invited everyone to wear our TLC colors (blue, green, and yellow) and also their best mustache!

You think these kids can't get much cuter and then they all put on mustaches and they are just too stinkin' adorable to handle! Here the Ashley Bryan School is looking mighty fine in their mustaches!

During our last TLC spirit day we got together to celebrate how much we love the TLC!

Each of the schools shared a short cheer or saying that shows there spirit for the TLC!

There was lots of showing of our AWESOME TLC t-shirts!

And lots of showing of mustaches!

Have you ever seen facial hair look oh-so-good!?

I particularly like the creativity of the Matinicus Island School's mustaches!

Here is another mustache wearer on Isle au Haut!

Pink mustaches are always the best!

At the end of our spirit day we premiered our TLC Stop-Motion video that the student council helped to organize! It is SO cool!

Here's a little overview of our TLC spirit day if you want to smile!

We've got TLC Spirit... Yes we do! We've got TLC Spirit... how 'bout you!?

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