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Day two of Spirit Week was "Mythological Creature Day!" This was the FIRST time we have ever had a theme day like this and boy, did our students get into it! We had mythological creatures of all sorts!  


For this day I borrowed my dog's "One-Eyed-Two-Horned-Flying-Purple-People-Eater" hat! Thanks Millie!


On Isle au Haut we had one teacher dress up as Mother Nature! We all had a bone to pick with her after the long winter we have been experiencing!

At the Ashley Bryan School, Medusa was in the house! 


And over at the Monhegan school there was a cute little leprechaun!


There were a couple of fairies at the Isle au Haut school!


And a pegasus made an appearance while we were talking to the Ashley Bryan School!


So many super cute and creative creatures!


Lovely hat!

Most creative mythological creature of the day? "The Perfect Man!" Ha! Get it!? Oh my, do we know how to have fun in our little TLC!






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