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Winter 2014 Book Groups!

Another trimester in the TLC is complete which means there was another successful round of TLC book groups! I have said it once and I will say it again, I think our book groups are one of the strongest components of the work we do in this program!

This trimester we had six different groups of students working with six different teachers from five different TLC island schools. The groups met every Wednesday morning for about an hour to discuss their books, ask questions, and share their responses from their assigned work.


Students used zoom to meet with their book group teachers and TLC classmates.

This trimester the books were aligned with our social studies curriculum so all of the books had a link to African culture and/or history. 

Some of the younger book groups used Ibooks to share pictures and text with the whole group instead of having hard copies of books for each student. Pretty cool, wouldn't you say!?

One of the "middle" groups read a few African folk tales together.

Another group read the book "Africa is Not a Country, It's a Continent" by Arthur Lewin and "Ashley Bryan's African Tales, Uh Huh." 

One of the older groups read "A Long Walk to Water" by Sue Linda Park.


After reading the novel, the olders had to write an ESSAY... (NO! Not an essay?!) on one fo the main themes of the book. These book group teachers don't mess around, there is a lot of work involved for both the teachers and students, which is what makes them so fantastic!


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