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Where in AFRICA is the TLCer?

Another SMALL collaboration we had happening during our African Studies social studies unit were weekly lessons with students called, "Where in Africa is the TLCer!?" 

I had the privallege to work the olders and middles to participate in a fun activity based on the 90's televesion show, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" 

The TLC version of that game is that each week two students got to choose a secret country in Africa that they wanted to travel to and then they gave the rest of their TLC classmates four clues to help them try and figure out where they had gone. The TLC classmates then had to do research during our collaboration time to try and figure out where the travelers were. We used books, maps, and the internet to narrow down the search. It was fun to investigate as a time and it was fun for the travelers each weeks to try and come up with tricky clues!

The TLC youngers did a simplier version of this game called "Where in Africa is Jessie!" I gave them clues to find me based on using a big map of Africa. Then they worked with their group leaders to write clues for me to find them. 

It was a easy and simple collaboration but it was a lot of fun and always great to have a chance for our TLC kids to see one another on a regular basis. Sometimes our collaborations are as much about social collaboration as they are about academic work! And that is A-OKAY!

Oh yeah, and sometimes we wear mustaches... just because, that's how we roll.


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