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Special Guest… ASHLEY BRYAN!

Any opportunity our TLC can spend time with the famous, beloved, engaging Ashley Bryan... we JUMP at the chance! So, when we knew we were going to be focusing on Africa for our second trimester Social Studies unit we KNEW we had to see if our dear friend, Ashley, could come and share some stories, pictures, and experiences with us all!

And of course, dear Ashley was happy to! (Did you know that Ashley Bryan LOVES island kids!?) In late February, Ashley met with the TLC for an hour via zoom to read some stories from his book, "Ashley Bryan's African Tales, Uh Huh."

Students from five of our TLC islands were able to take part in Ashley's presentation! We are so grateful to the Ashley Bryan School for sharing their time with Ashley with the rest of us! He is one of those people that needs to be shared with as many children in this world as possible, since he has such amazing child-like qualities himself. You cannot help but be drawn in by his passion, knowledge, and spirit. 

Ashley read stories and shared pictures from his travels to Kenya where he has opened schools and worked directly with students there... he even played us a little music! What a treat.

The TLC schools were also EXTREMELY lucky to have copies of Ashley's newest book, "You Can't Scare Me" donated by The Rosamond Lane Lord Fund. We are SO very appreciative!!!


Check out a little clip from our time with Ashley! There is really no one like him and we are so very grateful to have such a special person apart of our TLC family. 

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