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French with Madame Nancy!

For the first time in TLC history, our students have been participating in virtual foriegn language lessons! Woah BABY!

Starting back in February TLC students from Cliff, Isle au Haut, Matinicus, and Monhegan have been meeting once a week via the internet to learn FRENCH in preparation for our up-and-coming field trip to Quebec! 


Our TLC french lessons are led by Madame Nancy! Madame Nancy is a friend of Pam (the teacher on Matinicus) and is an experienced french teacher who has given lessons in the past to students on Matinicus.


Nancy meets with our TLC 1-2nd grade group for a half-an-hour every Wednesday morning and then meets with our 5th-8th grade group for a half-an-hour after that. It is the first time for many of our island students to get to learn a foreign language at their one-room school, so it is very exciting!


Students have learned how to say their name and age and where they are from. They can order food on a menu, ask for directions, and also communicate that they only speak "a little" french.


Student have also been learning how to count in french... and they can do it very, very quickly!


Along with learning a new language it is nice for the students to get to have this new experience along with their TLC classmates and share in their new skill together. Not to mention, it will be SO cool when they actually get to put their hard work to good use when we are all in Quebec together and they can order their own meals in FRENCH! 


Enjoy a little taste of french lessons with Madame Nancy!

Au Revoir!

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