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African Drumming by Isle au Haut!

 To celebrate the end of our African Studies unit the TLC had the AWESOME privallege of being the audience for the Isle au Haut school's African drumming concert!

Isle au Haut students worked with the professional drummer, Mike Bennett, for an entire week learning different drumming techniques and rhythms that they then shared with the rest of the TLC!

While Isle au Haut played the drums the rest of the group couldn't help but drum along!

It was also really cool because Mike has traveled and studied in Gambia so he had a lot of awesome stories and information about his time in Africa to share with our group. 

We had to zoom in the Ashley Bryan School while using the Polyberg video conferencing units to call all the other TLC schools. We sure do make our technology to work for everyone


Hear for yourself! The Isle au Haut school rocked it OUT on the drums! And we couldn't help but jam along!

Thank you Isle au Haut school for sharing Mike with us. You were all so talented! Well done. What a great way to end our Social Studies unit!

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