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TLC Teachers ROCK!

It should go without saying that any teacher who becomes a TLC teacher is the cream of the crop when it comes to educators. They are BEYOND dedicated, devoted, and passionationate! Not to mention, they have to be EXTREMELY creative, flexible, adaptable, and energetic. I also tend to think they are all above-average in the "good-looks" department, but perhaps I am just biased!

This year's group of TLC teachers is nothing-less-than EXTRAORDINARY and the work they have already done to create a strong and vibrant TLC is truly amazing.

Since the beginning of the year, TLC teachers have been meeting every other week online to plan, coordinate, and organize all of our work together. They are efficient, productive, and a whole lot of fun.

In mid-September the teachers met in Rockland for a jam-packed Teacher's Retreat. We were lucky enough to stay on the Sunbeam for much of our time together which always makes for a lovely, comfortable setting. 

Teachers did some team buidling exercises, group brainstorming, curriculum planning, big picture visioning, field trip coordinating, and much more during their 24 hours together. 

And here they are in all their glory! See what I mean about the "good looking" factor! 

Here's to a great TLC year with GREAT TLC teachers!

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