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Second Trimester Science: Learning about the HUMAN BODY!

Everyone was pretty excited to jump into our science unit this trimester because we were going to be studying the HUMAN BODY! What is more exciting than the inner workings or our blood, guts, and organs, you ask?! Learning about the inner workings of your blood, guts, and organs with all our TLC pals, of course!!!



 This trimester we decided to have the TLC students collaborate together based on their grade level... kind of like how we collaborate for book groups. In the past we have tried to have our student collaborate in WHOLE school activities for both science and social studies units and we have just found that it is really hard to keep everyone engaged and learning when collaborating with all students grades K-8. SO, we tried something new, and I think it was a grand success. 

Every Thursday afternoon the middle school TLCers met for about an hour for an inquiry based lesson about the human body. I got to lead the group (which is always a treat for me... as I often find myself missing the classroom a WHOLE LOT in this job!) and we focused on FOUR specific systems of the human body that we thought would be important to delve into a little deeper.



 The olders focused on the circulatory, nervous, reproductive, and respiratory system. They used google documents to develop questions they had about these systems and then collaborated together to find and share answers. From their answers, they went deeper to ask more questions... that is what I love about inquiry, the students are at the helm, asking questions they want answers to, but still learning about the content that is required according to national standards. Go TLC!



While the "olders" had their science collaboration on Thursdays, they "middles" and "youngers" had time to work together in science on Friday mornings. They met in grade level groups to play some "review" games concerning whatever body system they had learned about at their schools during the week. Ms. Lauren from Islesford led the kindergartners, Mr. H and Heidi led the 1st & 2nd graders, and I got to lead the 3rd and 4th graders!

We played a few different versions of body system "catch-phrase" and "twenty-questions" which was always fun and entertaining. Not to mention, it was very impressive to hear how well our student knew the scientific names for all their body parts!



At the end of our science unit the "olders" were in charge of creating a summative "Jeopardy" game for all of the TLC to play together. They wrote the questions and found the answers (although I may have tweaked some of them just to keep the kids on their toes!)


During a snowy Friday we all met to have our final science collaboration... full JEOPARDY STYLE!
I got to be the host, which meant I had all the kids refer to me as Madame Alex Trebek!
We had four school teams and they were ready to compete!
We used a cool online program to keep track of the questions and points and of course we had the Jeopardy theme music playing while students figured out their answers.
It was a fun and festive way to review the unit and all the students had learned about the human bodies. I would say it was one of our most engaging, yet simple science collaborations yet! 


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