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Valentine's Day TLC Style!

I'd like to say that TLC spreads the love everyday, but who can say no to a party that includes mystery Valentine's, a secret guest, and of course a dance party.

TLC is used to technical mishaps, and Valentine's day is no different. Although there was no blizzard to challenge our get-together, we still got a late start to our party. TLC never gives up! After some problem-solving we were all able to connect (even though we couldn't SEE Isle au Haut, we could hear them).

With some quick thinking, it was decided that each school open their Valentine's at the same time. Each school secretly created Valentine's for another school and it was up to all the kids to guess WHO sent them their Valentines.


Ashley Bryan school guesses first. After a few missed guesses, they picked correctly. Matinicus!


 Matinicus also had to make a few guesses, but eventually they also picked correctly: Cliff!


Monhegan, took their time...but in the end, they guessed correctly: Frenchboro!


Frenchboro thought long and hard, but by the process of elimination, they arrived at the correct answer:

Isle au Haut!


Cliff also guessed correctly, right off the bat: Monhegan!

Even though we couldn't see Isle au Haut on the screen, the boys loved there Valentine's from:

Ashley Bryan School.


And who doesn't love surprises. Jessie made a surprise visit out to Cliff Island and also sent out awesome Valentine's and an Appalachian Trail map so that each school can keep track of her journey starting next month.


And we all know by now that every celebration we have together ends in a dance party!


After watching previous dance party's this year, Frenchboro finally found their groove and joined in!





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