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"Student Council" by Guest Student Blogger!

A new year in the TLC means a new plan for our Student Council. Thank you for our guest blogger on Matinicus, for explaining the new Student Council plan...

This year in the Student Council we have decided to change it up a bit and come up with some new roles! In the past years of the Student Council we have had the regular jobs such as President and Vice President. This year we decided that the eighth graders would be the leaders. There are three eighth graders (myself included) so we are going to take turns leading the meetings and share the responsibility with each other.

We have also replaced some of the jobs that weren’t as important with new and exciting ones like Party Planner and Creative Idea Guru. We have also made sure that at least one person from each island has a role in the Student Council. I think with all of these new jobs everybody is going to get a chance to participate and have fun! 

This year we are fundraising to go to Quebec and also making a new design for our t-shirts! We are also going to plan Spirit week and other fun ways to get together too! 

I think that this is going to be a great year for the student council! I am feeling really positive that everybody will participate and come up with great ideas! I am also glad that there are more kids getting involved and helping plan things that will be fun for everybody! 

- 8th Grader Leader from Matinicus!


Editor's Note: Our Student Council has already met twice this year and has helped to plan our annual Secret Santa event and our new holiday card fundraiser. We have a great group of student leaders among us and we are hoping to get even more participation for our island students as the year goes on (I have resorted to making cookies for students who come regularly to our meeting! Let's hope it works!) 

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