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High School Prep - Collaboration!

Want to know the best part of the TLC? How organic it is... when a need and/or desire arises within a school it is put forth to our group of teachers and then we work together to find a solution. Some of our best programming has come out of just a small conversation that started with "Wouldn't it be great if..." or "I wonder if we could..." 

That is just the type of conversation that was the catalyst for one of our newest collaborations that has been  happening for the last six weeks!


We have a few eighth grade students in the TLC that are gearing up to go to high school next fall. This is a really big deal for any student, but the transition is an even bigger deal for an island student who not only has to think about a new school but also a new home, new friends, and really, a new way of life!

What can make this transition feel even MORE overwhelming is that, most likely, these island kids are the ONLY ones in their schools going through this transition... not anymore!

Enters the magical TLC!

NOW, we have a way for the 8th graders of the TLC to come together in a structured way to prepare, discuss, and reflect on the transition from island school to high school!

Once a week some of our TLC eighth graders and I have met virtually via zoom to discuss and focus on all things high school. We have spent time sharing information about different private and public schools that students are visiting. We have used google docs to brainstorm lists of pros and cons for each school that students are looking at attending, along with lists of questions to ask when visiting a potential school. We have used Facebook and email to reach out to island students who are currently in high school to hear about their experience so far to get real, applicable advice.


Each week the students also respond to writing prompts on google docs that have to do with specific situations that might come up in high school such as bullying, cheating, time-management, peer pressure, and academic challenges. After students respond to the prompts on their own we come back together as a group to brainstorm ways in which students can handle and cope with potential situations if and when they arise.


The best part of these weekly meetings is that it is a safe place for the kids to talk about not only their excitement about high school but also their concerns and fears. It makes it a lot less scary knowing that there are other kids going through the exact same emotions they are.

It is the TLC at it's finest... sharing experiences and creating a community of support.


Of course we are really good at having fun during this time as well... our meetings often end with a karaoke style sing-a-long of One Direction's newest single. Goodness me, I just love middle school. 

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