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First EVER - TLC Alumni Reunion!

It was a momentous occasion... one I have been looking forward to for, well, years. Our first EVER TLC Alumni Reunion! I had a fantasy that our first-ever TLC reunion would take place on some yacht with delicious food and an ice cream bar. The yacht would bring us to some deserted island where we would all play capture the flag all day long and there would be lots of dogs and trampolines!!! Doesn't that sound awesome?! 

Well, this reunion was not quite as elaborate as the one I imagined in my head but it was still nothing less than amazingly awesome!

The idea for a reunion came up during one of the weekly "high school preparation" check-ins I facilitate with some of our current TLC 8th graders. The list of questions these 8th graders had about high school just kept getting longer and longer and then we thought, "who better to ask these questions to than our TLC pals who are in the trenches of high school RIGHT NOW!"

SO! Through the powers of Facebook we were able to reach out to all of our TLC Alumni and invite them to come and talk with us about their high school experience. Then we just crossed our figures and hoped they would all come...


Out of the eight high school students we invited to our reunion, seven of them (from five different islands) joined us for this super historical event. 

We used zoom to meet virtually and the 8th graders planned a very informative, yet fun agenda for the group to follow.


To start off the meeting we played the game "Two Truths and a Lie." In the game everyone takes a turn telling three "facts" about themselves. We played it so the facts had to be about something that has happened in the last two years, since that is about how long it has been since everyone had last seen each other. The catch is that one of the "facts" that everyone shares, has to be a lie and it is up to the group to guess what is truth and what is not.


It was the perfect game to play to "catch-up" with everyone and see what has been happening in their lives, but it is also hilarious to hear the lies that the kids make up! 


After our game we jumped right into talking about high school. The 8th graders took turns asking questions from a list they brainstormed for the high schoolers. The kids were amazing. They were honest and thoughtful with their answers and really gave some fabulous insight and advice pertaining to all things high school. 

They talked about the importance of time management, trying new things, making good friends, and talking to your teachers. They also talked about some of the challenges you face when you are an island kids going to a big high school. It isn't always easy, but let me assure you, these TLC high schoolers have made us proud.


 There was lots of laughing and silliness too, of course. And it seemed like everyone could not wipe the smile off of their face while they talked and shared stories. What fun.


The funniest moment was when this TLC alumni was talking about some of the challenges he has faced in high school and suddenly his beloved pet rooster jumped up onto his lab. Of course everyone just erupted in laughter. Boy, do I love island kids.



We ended our time together with the high school students each giving one piece of advice they wish they knew BEFORE they started high school. What great words of wisdom they gave.

The hour together flew by and before we knew it we had to say goodbye. But this is definitely something we want to do again in the near, near future!


Here are a few fun moments from this fun event for your viewing pleasure. 

This reunion was such a testament to the TLC community we have developed. It had been almost two years since most of these kids had last seen one another and yet it felt so easy and natural and safe. It was like no time had past at all.

 As we said at the end of our reunion:  "once a TLCer, ALWAYS a TLCer." 

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