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Asia Studies

The TLC students and teachers wrapped up their rocks and minerals unit on our Fall field trip. The next week schools jumped into their social studies unit which focuses on the geography and culture within Asia. 

To kick off the unit each TLC school was assigned a different region of asia (i.e. Northern Asia, Southern Asia, Central Asia and so on...) Schools then spent a week researching and collecting basic information about their assigned region to then put in a presentation format to share with the rest of the TLC schools.

Last Monday everyone met via video-conference to share their presentations about their assigned regions of Asia. There were quite a few technically difficulties during our presentation time but the each of the schools' projects turned out awesome. SO I thought I should share a few with you all!

Take a peek at just a few of the presenations our fantastic TLC schools created:


Cliff Island School did a fabulous job describing the major countries within the East region of Asia!


These two short movies were created by the Monhegan School to give the TLC a little introduction of Western Asia!


The Isle au Haut School made a very informative slide show about the Southeast Region of Asia. To view it yourself click on this link: Southeast Asia by Isle au Haut!

And here is Frenchboro's exciting "movie trailer" that showcases Northern Asia!


Now that all the schools have gotten a brief overview of the different regions of Asia, students will pick one or two countries to research more indepth on their own. They will create research projects, papers, and presentations about the country (or countries) they become experts on. All TLC students will get a chance to share their final projects with rest of the group at the end of the unit! Stay tuned.

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