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Fall Field Trip: Day #3 

 It seems like everyone was moving a wee bit slower on our last morning of the field trip! All the fun and excitement had caught up with us and we were all feeling a wee bit sleepy!

But the kids rallied for a final breakfast together and enjoyed one anothers' company for just a little bit longer.


The last morning is always the hardest morning of the trip. Not only is everyone tired but there is always a kind of sad feeling in the room because some of these kids will not see each other face-to-face again until the spring! Thank GOODNESS for technology to keep us all connected!


 We met for a last morning meeting where we did a "machine" greeting! Every person in the circle was a crucial part of the machine to make the greeting happen.


Just like every person in the TLC is a crucial part of making these special collaborations happen. We have something really special here. And the cool thing is, I think a lot of us know it!

When it was time to part everyone said their goodbyes, gave lots of hugs, and loaded up into their cars to head back to their own islands...

However I was lucky enough to extend the trip a little bit longer with a special trip to Gould Academy with three special TLC students!

Two of our TLC eighth graders, one from Monhegan and one from Matinicus, have been touring different private schools that they may attend next year for high school. Since we were SO close to Gould Academy it seemed only right that we made a special visit to their campus to check it out! Another fifth grade student from Cliff came along for the ride which made it even more fun. 


 We all got a tour of the campus, which was beautiful and then our two eighth graders participated in an interview before we got to all have lunch at the extremely nice dinning hall.


It was a special trip for me because I have known all three of these kids for over five years so it is not only awesome to get to watch them grow up, it is also an honor. It is also very heartwarming to see how special the bond is between them. They share things will each other that they might not get the chance to talk about much back on their own islands because there aren't many people their age to talk to, if any at all.


Here are our two eighth graders looking all grown up and ready for their next adventure. No matter where they go off to school next year I know they will make us all proud!

I ended up dropping all the kids off one by one and this guy was the last one standing... or better yet sleeping. 

It was another TLC trip for the record books. Thanks again to all who made it a success. Now it is time for a nap.

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