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Fall Field Trip: Day #2 (AFTERNOON!)

All that digging for rocks, gems, and minerals caused everyone to work up quite an appetite!

Good thing we brought lunch and good thing we were at a campground with picnic tables on a perfect fall day!


The kids enjoyed a little down time and lunch outside before our pal, Lauren Jacobs from Healthy Hometowns, came to lead our group in some games and physical activities for the afternoon!


The plan was while the students worked with Lauren the TEACHERS would get a little down time themselves! They all headed off to have some teacher-time... but instead of relaxing they ended up doing some planning for the rest of the trimester! What a bunch of die-hards, I mean dedicated educators!


While the teachers were away... the students did PLAY!


Lauren lead the kids in some whole-group cooperative games.


I loved when everyone had to "take a knee" in order to hear the next set of directions. They were great listeners.


After a bunch of whole group game, the kids were split up into "youngers" and "olders" for some more age specific activities.


The olders did some fun balancing and trust exercises...


while the youngers participated in some team soccer!


We ended the afternoon with some good ol' capture the flag... which is always a TLC favorite. I was too busy trying to get the flag to take any photos!


 Before heading back to the motel we took the opportunity to have a TLC photoshoot! Is it just me, or are these some of the most beautiful children you have ever seen?


Here they are in "zombie mode." It's the new thing.


I think we are doing our "Millie impersonation" in this one!


And here is the whole group in all their glory! 


After our legs were achey from all that running around and our cheeks were sore from smiling during our photo shoot we headed BACK to the motel for MORE fun and learning. 


Back at the motel our olders met for our first face-to-face Student Council meeting. This is the third year of our TLC student council and this year we decided to mix it up a bit! Instead of having the traditional fall elections where we elect a president, vice president, and so on... we decided to have our three 8th graders serve as the "leadership board" of the group. The rest of the memebers got the opportunity to run for different positions than we have had in the past, such a "party planner" and "creative guru!" During our first meeting students got the chance to explain what positions they wanted and why! Student shared speeches they wrote and movie presentations they created explaining why they were the best canidate for the job. 


Once students got the chance to share their speeches and presentations, the eighth grade leaders met to assign everyone in the Student Council special roles and jobs. It was so impressive to see these leaders work so well together and be so compassionate, fair, and thoughtful in their choices. They are such a kind and supportive group of students... and just an aside, each of the three eighth graders represent a different island school which makes it even more fantastic. 


While the olders met for student council the youngers got some free time out on the playground or some quiet time painting pet rocks!


This kindergartner looks pretty zenned out while painting her rocks.


In the last afternoon it was time to bring the whole group back together again for our first ever "TLC ROCKS Conference!" Mr H. from Cliff Island hosted the event for the group and explained to everyone that this was a chance for students to share what they had learned about rocks and minerals in their schools this fall!  


Each school got some time to set up a kind of "conference booth" in the room to showcase and display some of their projects, lessons, and findings surrounding the work they did with rocks and minerals on their islands.


Once everyone had time to set up, students took turns "working" at their schools' booth while other students currculated around the room to check out other schools' displays.


Lots of the schools had displays comparing and contrasting the different rocks and minerals they found on their islands to the rocks and minerals that are found on other TLC islands! It was cool to see the similarities and even more interesing to see the difference and hypothisize why those differences exsisit!


 The Matinicus Island School had created a game involving facts about rocks and minerals that students got to play during the conference!


I loved the game pieces they created using Matinicus rocks! So cute and creative.


It was awesome watching students teaching students and how interested and supportive everyone was. For island kids it is really important to get the chance to share your work with other students since it isn't something that doesn't happens very much on isolated islands. I heard one Cliff Island student  say, "I feel like a real scientist!" after sharing her findings with a student from Frenchboro. 


Above three students (all wearing TLC t-shirts by the way!) from three different islands observe another island's presentation about how they conducted rock tests.


And here some of the younger students collaboratively drew pictures of things they learned about rocks and minerals!


I would say our first "TLC ROCKS Conference" was a rockin' good time, to say the least! 

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