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Inter-Island Event -Guest Student Blog!

Inter-Island Event

By Eliza, 5th Grader on Cliff Island

We went to Isle Au Haut on Wednesday, September 25th for the interisland event. When we were there we hiked Mount Champlain. My favorite parts were playing capture the flag, and when the steel drums band came. Jessie also hosted a lot of fun games like Captain Carl and Eggolution.

The epic game of capture the flag ended in a tie. At capture the flag there were two teams the green, blue, and white team, and the black team. I was on the green, blue, and white team. No one won the game because we didn’t have enough time.

We actually learned some songs on the steel drums. After supper we performed a concert with the steel drums. The drummers did some songs after we were done performing, and the TLC did a conga line dance.

     Isle Au Haut was super fun! Before we left my mom ran up to the Black Dinah Chocolate Factory and got chocolates and a t-shirt. That was the best chocolate ever!

Every meal was delicious, and every event was so fun! Thank you so much Isle Au Haut.





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Super star jellybean!

October 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKai

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