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Science Inquiry Day!

March 2012

In March the TLC teachers and students did something a little different with their weekly science collaboration. Since all of the TLC schools had a chance to lead the group, teaching them about a specific geology topic, they decided to spend some time reflecting on what everyone had learned that trimester in science and do some inquiry work around those topics!



They had their first TLC inquiry day!! The teachers broke the kids up into grade level groups and had them work with teachers via skype and polyberg to develop some inquiry questions about the topics they had been studying about that trimester in science!



The whole group met together to go over the plan and get instructions for what they needed to do in their small groups. 


The TLC "olders" worked with a teacher on the polyberg. They brainstormed some fabulous inquiry questions!


The kids used a google doc  to brainstorm their questions and then when they came back as a large group they looked over the google doc together to reflect on everyone's questions and ideas.


Here is a little sneak peak at their super awesome lesson!!!


Now that we have all these great questions the kids are going to do individual science projects to try and find some answers to what they are wondering about. We hope to have a kind of "virtual science fair"this spring where we can share our projects together!

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