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More Virtual Poetry Class!

March 2012

As you may well remember, the Monhegan and Islesford School student had been working together once a week on poetry writing last winter and I just have to say, we sure have some fabulous poets in our TLC midst.



Each week the kids would start their class reading a poem together. The teachers and students would then  discuss what confused them or bothered them about the poem and also what spoke to them. They would also end up making connections between the poem and their own lives which often lead to inspiration in their writing.


As you can see, having the Monhegan student work with the Islesford kids almost quadruples their writing class population plus they get another teacher! Pretty awesome!


During one of their classes the students read the poem "Where I am From" by George Ella Lyon and it really inspired the kids to write poems about the places they are from. They are just too great not to share a few: 


I am from the dinner time candles

From the tick tock of the clock and wish wash of the washing machine

I am from the wooden railing with a rotten seam

(the seaside view and salty seaside smell)

I am the crab apple tree that never fell

The wild lupines that never cease to grow

I’m from whipped cream ‘n’ cookie cake and the big wide shoe

From Daw Daw and Papa

I’m from the loud ones with secrets

The quiet ones who know them

I’m from “never give up” and “try your best”

And the rock ‘n’ roll of the past

I’m from holiday gatherings

I’m from snow blistered Alaska and sea smoked Monhegan

Rich spices and meals from scratch

From personal tragedies

And impossible miracles

What hasn’t been captured through a lens

Floats through our memories

D.B. - 8th grade

I am and will always be

I am from the sharpie and from the paper and the walls covered in posters

I am from the mess of my room and from the smell of the markers I use

I am from the soil of the chestnut tree whose long living arms still greet me to this day

I am from the "Settlers of Catan" and left out of the curly hair of my ancestors

I am from the jazz hands when I was excited and from the "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" I am from the guns and explosions of my video games

I am from the powder of the snow and the crashes of the ski hill

I am from the beats of music and the rhythm of the tune

I am from the aliens and their enemies

I am from the the books of plot and excitement

I am from Alaska, home to the eskimo, the Mighty Quinn

Q.B. - 6th grade

I'm from the wind and the ocean
from boats and small schools
I'm from salty spray and wind in the trees
from tea and winter days
I'm from running on the beach, 
from paw prints in the sand, 
I'm from sunny blue skies and starry nights,
from big dreams and a small home,
I'm from books read in front of a fire,
from running through the woods,
I'm from neighbors like family, 
from big dreams and a small home. 

M.S. - 8th grade

Where I'm From

I'm from the dirty bedroom
The stick of the broom
The posters on the wall
The rug in the hall

I'm from the holes in the yard
The pictures on the Christmas card
The horse down the road
The complicated computer code

I'm from the pale-yellow sofa
The strawberry soda
The long brown hair
The big green chair

I'm from the applesauce spill
The big pink pill
The iced lemonade
The play pretend raid

I'm from the fat magic marker
The little boy Parker
The warm summer days
The hot cookie trays

I'm from Dad's work bench
The chickens' nasty stench
The snow-filled afternoons
The '60's cartoons

I'm from smoked Mackerel 
The boy's strong tackle
The grey metal hook
The third Harry Potter book

I'm from canned Peaches tasting like jam
The smell of baked ham
The many best friends
The road where it bends

L.C. - fourth grade


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