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The TLC just LOVES Ashley Bryan!!!

April 2012

The entire TLC was lucky to be invited to a super special presentation by the utterly fabulous and inspirational author and artist, Ashley Bryan. 


Ashley Bryan lives on Islesford Island, and in last winter of last year, the community members voted to rename the Islesford School  the Ashley Bryan School! How exciting! You can read more about this exciting change on the The Ashley Bryan School's Blog!


Ashley had come to school to share some special books by his friend and author, Nicki Giovanni! The Ashley Bryan school was kind enough to invite the school's of the TLC to this special presentation and everyone was SO excited for the opportunity!


Ashley is 89 years young! His energy is SO tangiable and it is an honor to be in his presence, even if it is only through the Tanberg!


 We were also excited to welcome Long Island School to the presentation! Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of them!


Ashley shared three different poems with us. He always reads poems aloud so his audience gets to participate, repeating the lines of the poem back to him. It is so exciting and fun. It was so wonderful to see him perform, since our kids are working on performing their own poetry! What an inspiration! 




See for yourself! Isn't he just fabulous?!? We just adore him.


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