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Spring Field Trip - Salem Witch Museum, Aquarium and Pool Party!

May 2012

On our last day in Boston we congregated in the hotel lobby for our last "morning meeting" to go over the plans for the day. The olders were heading to the Salem Witch Museum in the morning while the youngers got to go to the Boston Children's Museum (the olders were jealous!) Then we were all to meet back up for lunch and a trip to the Aquarium!!!!


It was a rather lonnnng bus trip to the Witch Museum but it was pretty jammed packed with information inside.


Inside we saw a light and sound show about the history of the Salem Witch trials and learned more about  type of "witch craft" known as Wiccan that is practiced today. 


If nothing else, it was QUITE the experience!

We were all decked out in our TLC t-shirts! What a GOOD looking group we have :)


After our morning at the Salem Witch Museum we headed to the famous Quincy Market to meet up with the rest of our group and have a DELICIOUS lunch!


The kids got to pick out whatever they wanted from a VAST array of foods inside Nathaniel Hall! This middle schooler chose a hamburger the size of his head (and yes, he ate it ALL!)


This 8th grader and I got yummy Mexican burritos!


Mmmm... dessert!


Happy tummies!






I refused to buy the boys ice creams since the were $6.50 for a SMALL! So I just got them huge cookies instead (for much less!)


We worked off lunch by walking over to the Aquarium for a fun-filled afternoon!


Right away we were all memorized by the outdoor tank where all the seals like to swim!


I love all the TLC t-shirts cramming together to get a glimpse of the super cute seals.


Hi guys!


They were totally showing off for us!


Once we got inside it was really time to explore. We got to play some pretty cool games.


And there was just beautiful sea creatures to see every which way we turned.


Hey school of fish... meet OUR school of fish :)




Little baby!


If I had a bigger bag, I would have taken this beautiful girl home with me. 


Eating her lettuce.


More seals!


So silky.


Waiting their turn to touch a sting ray!


Tropical fish section!


So many colors!




We got to watch them get their afternoon snack!


We were all watching the cute little penguins.


After a full afternoon of watching sea animals... we had a little photo shoot outside while we waited for our entire group to congregate.


The boys.


The older ladies.


Anne and her peeps.




And more love.


Our littlest TLCer.


This was pre-flash mob performance! We look pretty amazing, I'd say!


The flash mob was fantastic... even IF our speakers didn't really work! We made the most of it and had a GREAT time!!! We even had some on-lookers join in!


It may have taken the WHOLE week... but we finally started tiring the kids out. It was a miracle.


Once we got back to the hotel we quickly got our energy back for a fun-filled last night all together!


The student council had organized for our group to decorate blank pillow cases that everyone could sign to remember our fun time together!


It was a fun way to spend our last night together.


And then came the food!!! We decided to order in and get chinese food! 

(Special thanks to the Matinicus Recycling Program who gave us a generous donation to help pay for all this yummy food!)




After dinner it was time for our TLC pool party!!!


We ended the night with a special treat in honor of all those TLCers who will be leaving us this year!

We are going to miss all of you SO much!


Our graduating 8th graders! 


We went to bed with happy tummies and full hearts. What a special group we have. 


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