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Spring Field Trip - Boston Museum of Science and Fancy Night Out!

May 2012

Our first full day in Boston started out bright and early...


There was lots of snuggling to begin the day, which is often the case when we get to be with our TLC classmates.


We had an impromptu "Flash Mob" rehearsal in the parking lot while we waited for our whole group to arrive.


Cute little Cliff family.


More morning snuggles!




This middle schooler was getting lots of hugs in front of the Science Museum, our destination for the ENTIRE day!!! 



We were split up into groups to tour the museum!


Time to head into the museum! We could hardly wait to start exploring! 

(And to use the revolving door!)


The "middles" group for the day! 

Pretty exciting that all the kids got to be with all their best TLC buddies.

Ready, set, explore...


TLC in Technicolor!


Playing around the in the "five senses" exhibit!


Cute little snake hanging out in the live animal area.


Make your own skeleton!




Best buddies waiting for the live animal show to start. 


We got to see an albino snake. 


In the math exhibit.


Fun with sand art. 






Love the focus. 


Playground time.




Team work.


Younger's turn.


Cafeteria for lunch.


Back to exploring... Anne pretending she is a bird!


Exploring the Earth's weather systems.


Free rides around the museum!



Emma touching Uranus!


Just hanging out in a space ship. 





Color and motion exhibit!


That's one big chair.


The more the merrier!


Playing with light and shadows!


TLC imprints.


Crazy mirrors.


This is what you get when you combine Anne and Jessie!



Fun with magnetic beads!


Yay TLC!


Fun time exploring the gift shop. 


A pretty little butterfly.


And a spiky turtle!


STUFFED animals galore!


Just too much cool stuff!


What a fun day!


The ladies found some AMAZING mustache necklaces. 


And this middle schooler got a "best friend" necklace that he gave to himself. Huh!?


Oh man! Look at that find!!!


After a fun day at the Science Museum we got to see an amazing dolphin movie at the Omni Theater! How lucky were we!?


And our amazing day was not over yet... we headed over to Maggiano's Little Italy for the BEST MEAL I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!


To start off, this restaurant was BEAUTIFUL! When we walked in one of the other teachers turned to me and whispered, "What is OUR group doing HERE!?" It was so classy and lovely and we just felt like we were at the Ritz! Talk about a cultural experience... I got to teach the kids about place settings, salad forks, and what it means to have a THREE course meal!


Our group was taken to our own private room with a full wait staff who took such marvelous care of us. This was my favorite waiter! He even let me take a picture of him making all of the fancy drinks.


Shirley Temples for everyone!!!


The Captain approves.


I think most of the kids were in awe of this place.


Everyone was pumped!


And these girls were just silly!


First Course: Onion crisps, homemade bruschetta on delicious crusty bread.


And bowls overflowing with yummy salad!


Dig in!




Second Course: Three cheese raviolis, pork loin soaked in balsamic sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and fettuccine alfredo!!!


This is how this middle schooler felt about his meal!


And finally course #3... coffee...




And the most delicious creme brulee I have EVER had!


My favorite course of all!


This third grader and I polished that puppy off in no time!


Here are the oldest girls thanking our favorite field trip planner, Ms. G, for arranging this MAGNIFICENT meal!


Everyone was just glowing after eating all of this delicious food!


Even after everyone started heading out to the bus, this mother/son duo kept mowing down the food. They just couldn't let any of it go to waste!


You would have thought that after that heavenly meal we would just roll ourselves back to the hotel to sleep... but the night was STILL young!


The olders got to go to see the Blue Man Group preform! Could this day have gotten any better?!?


If you have never seen this group preform... you MUST. It was PURE, NON-STOP, entertainment!!!! We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside of the theatre but let me just say that we burned off the majority of the calories we consumed at dinner by laughing for two hours straight!

It was a PERFECT Boston day for our TLC. And we still had two more perfect days to come!


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