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Spring Field Trip - Boston Bound!

May 2012

After lunch we met our TLC group on the Cyr Bus in Portland! Margaret and her Mama had gotten on the bus in Rockland so once we got picked up in Portland we were all ready and raring to go! Next stop... BOSTON!


Our amazing TLC coordinator, Anne, was already FULL of joy and excitement for our five day field trip... and it had only JUST begun!


We got into Boston in the late afternoon and headed straight to the Freedom Trail where we met our tour guide... Mrs. Adams.


She gave us a fabulous, condensed tour of the Freedom Trail!


Most everyone was just happy to be off the bus.


Even if it started to downpour!


We stayed as dry as possible and just enjoyed the sites!


The whole gang infront of the John Adams statue!


Quick! Back to the bus!


That night we went to the "Fire and Ice" restaurant for a super-fun meal!


We all got to pick out our own meats, veggies, and noodles and then get them sauteed on this super fancy stove top!


Happy kids with soon-to-be happy bellies!


Man, my belly is rumbling just looking at it!


After dinner our bus took us to our hotel, just outside the city.


I drew the "short-straw" and got to chaperone the oldest boys (truth is, I didn't mind at all!!! They may get a little stinky, but other than that they were a blast to be in charge of!)


We ended up going to bed early to prepared for our first full day in Boston!! 

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