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Winter Book Groups

February 2012

Another trimester of school means  another round of book groups for our TLC! We had new students and teachers in our books groups for our winter trimester which just made it all the more fun!


This Monhegan Island middle schooler was in a book group with three students from the Ashley Bryan School and three students from the Matinicus Island School. He book group leaders were the teacher on Monhegan AND the teacher on Matinicus! Wow!


This group was reading "The City of Ember" by Jeanne DuPrau! A super fun and interesting read!


The oldest members of the TLC were reading "The Scarlet Letter." It was very exciting for our olders to be pushed a little out of their comfort zone in book groups during this trimester, reading a high-leved and mature book for their age. This group was lucky enough to have our AMAZING TLC coordinator, Anne, leading thegroup! She was a first timer in the area of book-group-leading... but she totally ROCKED IT! The kids were super excited to be working with her.


And then of course, the best book group of all... the younger's group!


The youngers used the Tanberg for their book group! There were ten students, grades k-2, from the Ashley Bryan School, Monhegan, and Cliff who made up the youngers group!


They even has a FROG PARK RANGER in their book group! I mean, could this book group GET any cooler?!?!


Book group time is a pretty awesome time at our island schools!

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