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Plate Tectonics

February 2012

For the second week of our TLC geology unit the Matinicus Island School was our "host school!" Everyone met on Monday via the Tanberg for an introductory lesson about Plate Tectonics!


Everyone watched a spectacular "Brain Pop!" explanation about the different "boundaries" that take place during plate tectonics. There are three main boundaries: divergent boundaries, convergent boundaries, and transform boundaries!


Then everyone watch some pretty cool animation of how plate tectonics have created the landforms we now know as the world's continents!


The Matinicus School then gave a little quiz "review" of the information their presentation covered!


It's amazing how BADLY this Monhegan student wanted to answer all the questions!


It was a great lesson by the Matinicus School!

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    The Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative - Our blog! - Plate Tectonics
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    The Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative - Our blog! - Plate Tectonics
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