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Pink and Red Day

February 2012

The TLC youngers had a  "Red and Pink Day" in honor of Valentine's Day in mid-February!


This Monhegan kindergartner looked fabulous in her pink dress AND she brought a red lady bug to show the group!


Look at all of those fabulous red and pink outfits on Cliff Island... is that a red cape I see?

Even Millie, the Monhegan School dog dressed up for the big day! She loved seeing her TLC pals on the Tanberg!


There was a Valentine's Song the entire group practiced in order to sing together during their share time!


Cliff Island school showing off their pink and red socks!


This guy ALWAYS wins the best dressed award! He has STYLE!


Some of the Islesford kiddos showing their "100" day creations!


The kids also shared pictures of things they LOVED!


Cute little pink and red faces!


The Monhegan group was looking MIGHTY fine! And yes, that is a middle schooler in a red wig! Even he can't help but get in on some of the fun!




And for your viewing pleasure, a little glimpse of our red and pink day!


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