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Monhegan TLC Potluck

February 2012

The Monhegan Island School hosted a community potluck and TLC presentation on their island at the end of February! Our fabulous TLC coordinator, Anne, was on the Monhegan so it was a great opportunity to take some time to fill in the community on all the amazing things the TLC had been up to this year with our TLC classmates and teachers!


The Monhegan school board chair welcomed everyone and gave a little explanation of the TLC. It is so nice to have such support from our TLC school boards and administration!


Then Anne and Jessie, the teacher on Monhegan gave an overview of the TLC history and purpose.


Then the exciting part... the kids got to present. Quinn, Monhegan's sixth grader, talked about what an "average week" looks like to a TLC student!


Dalton, Monhegan's 8th grader and TLC Student Council President,  went over the big highlights the TLC have had so far this year, such as field trips, holiday parties, and student council events!


Monhegan's kindergartner talked about her TLC book group and the TLC "color days."

These kids get trained in public speaking from quite a young age!

Quinn talked about some of the field trips he has taken with the TLC over the last two years.

And Dalton added some information about the technology we use within the TLC.


The night ended with everyone talking about the future of the TLC and how we really want all of our island communities to be aware and involved in all the amazing projects and events our schools are doing with the TLC!!! 

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