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First TLC VGC Meeting!

February 2012

Some of the older TLC students hosted the very first TLC Virtual Games Club (VGC) meeting after school at the end of February! I just love all of our acronyms, it just cracks me up. 

The idea for the VGC came from the TLC Student Council, who wanted to try and create an after school chess club for interested students! While looking for online chess site, some of the kids came across the website, where you can not ONLY play chess online with other people but all kinds of other games like checkers, bingo, battleship, and more! The Student Council decided on creating the VGC for any students in the TLC who wanted to play games after school every other week with each other! Cool idea, huh!?


At the first meeting of the VGC the student council president on Monhegan plugged his computer into the Tanberg so the other schools could see how to set up an account!


Here is Dalton on Monhegan leading all the kids on the other islands through the steps of creating an account and adding each other as "friends" so they could play games with one another!


Once the accounts were created the kids could start playing games with one another. Here a sixth grader on Monhegan is playing BINGO with a second grader on Islesford! 


This eighth grader on Islesford was following Dalton's directions and then helping his classmates on his island set up their online accounts. Talk about technology team work!


Here are two students on Monhegan both playing online games with different students on different islands! 


And this Monhegan kindergartner got to play some checkers with a third grader from Cliff Island!


While the kids used the website to play the game, they also skyped so they could talk while playing! The first TLC VGC meeting was a total success! Way to go kids!


Our first Virtual Games Club was a super success! We hope for even more kids to join us next time! Great idea student council and way to make it happen!

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