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Islesford and Monhegan Write Together!

In January, the students from Monhegan and Islesford collaborated together in a special writing class that their teachers arranged for them to have once a week! Writing was actually the FIRST subject that our island students ever collaborated on (three years ago now!) and what much of our collaboration through the TLC was built on! 

Here are some Islesford students ready to find out what their writing focus was going to be for this coming trimester. You can imagine the groans when they found out they were going to be writing poetry! 

At the beginning of their first lesson, the  kids went in rounds saying the first thing that came to mind when they heard the word "poetry."  Their teacher then typed the words they said into the super cool site,, and  then created this  awesome word collage! As you can see some of the words the kids brainstormed were pretty out there... my personal favorite is "ugggggggh."

The student then took some time to look at the collage that was created and think about ideas of what poetry means to them in their own personal lives. THEN they were broke up into two groups. One group stayed on the Tanberg with the teacher from Islesford and the other group skyped with the teacher on Monhegan . 

Here one of the students from Monhegan is working with his TLC classmates and writing teacher who were all on Islesford!

And here was the other group of Islesford kids who were meeting with another Monhegan student and teacher.

All of the students were asked to bring either a favorite song or poem to class that meant something to them. All but one student ended up bringing songs which sparked some very fun conversations about how songs really are poetry set to music.


 In the small groups each student took a turn sharing their song. After the song was shared, the person who brought the song remained silent while the rest of the group answered the following three questions:

1. What do you think the song is about?

2. What in the song did you relate or respond to?

3. Why do you think this person wanted to share this song?

After the whole group answered all the questions, the presenter was invited to share their answers. It was a really fun activity to hear how different people respond to written word and it also ended up being a really fun exercise for the kids to learn new things about each other!


The kids were able to looked at the lyrics up close using google documents. They were able to identify many elements of poetry in the different songs! We found metaphors, similes, alliterations, and even personification!


At the end of the lesson everyone came back as a whole group and created another word collage... this time using words they thought of when they think of poetry now. Although, "boring" still made this list... I think, overall, the kids really got excited about the different possibilities there are when it comes to writing poetry and were beginning to feel inspired to write some of their own! What an awesome virtual lesson indeed!

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    The Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative - Our blog! - Islesford and Monhegan Write Together!,Artikulu hau idatzi zehatza Hala ere, nahi duzun erlazionatutako artikuluak informazioa ikusi ahal izango duzu hemen ikusi nahi izanez gero:Hollister France,
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    The Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative - Our blog! - Islesford and Monhegan Write Together!
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    The Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative - Our blog! - Islesford and Monhegan Write Together!
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    Response: ninjaessays legit
    These types of new writing classes can only be seen in islands only. People love to join their kids here in that part of the world and they themselves design and build their own strategies for students in learning. It was a good idea of collaborated writing class.

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